About Dr. Duncan & Marilee Goheen

A great deal of investigation, effort, and spiritual energy has gone into the development of Sonic Pranic HealingTM programs. Between them, Duncan Goheen and his wife, Marilee, count some 60 years' experience in teaching, counseling, and various forms of alternative healing. Both have had careers in the corporate world and moved on to pursue activities more in line with their shared desire to help people whose health and spiritual needs are not being met by the limited range of techniques, practitioners, and institutions available to them.

As creator and founder of this deep, powerful healing method, Doctor Duncan is able, through finely honed sensitivity, to "hear-see-feel" the pulse of life force that evokes a fully balanced and harmonious vibration of health. His years of attention to exercise, prayer, and meditation have prepared him for this work, and it is through conscious awareness of his " Highest State ", he has learned that he is able to voice the "sacred sound".

A gifted singer, musician, pranic healer, and teacher, Duncan Goheen also has graduate degrees in Community Development and Human Behaviour. From his earliest years he recalls "a deep interest in life, the infinite, and the spiritual." He has always had an insatiable curiosity, according to members of his family, who remember how he nearly "drove people crazy" with his questions as a youth. Over and above this keen desire to understand the "why" and "how" of things, however, he also remembers the special feeling he frequently felt, of "a loving, powerful Presence".

At the age of nineteen Doctor Duncan became a lay ordained minister in a Christian church, a calling he was to pursue for over twenty five years. The New Testament was always very alive for him, he notes. He remembers believing intuitively in the miracles of Christ, although for a number of years, he acknowledges, he "had no idea how they occurred".

On completion of his BA degree, Duncan Goheen enrolled in a Graduate School of Social Work. Before long, however, after participating in a field assignment with a team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers working with psychiatric outpatients, he decided to leave this field. In his view then, as now, he says "neither the knowledge nor skills required to do effective work were present".

By the mid to late '80s, having maintained his spiritual path while completing his Ph.D in Human Behaviour and managing his own financial corporations, Doctor Duncan accepted a position as chairman of World Community Service for Rotary International District 504, helping to plan, implement, and raise millions of dollars for rural development programs in Central America and the Philippines. As a result of projects spearheaded by him, many remote villages now have fresh water, schools, roads, and terraced farms, where once there was flooding or barren land due to slash and burn farming or clear-cut logging. In several cases, as well, near-shore fisheries are productive again where silt from flooding had covered the mangroves and coral reef. In this same period, Doctor Duncan also founded a non-profit organization.

Over the 17 years of their relationship and marriage, through the many different roles she has played in business and volunteer work, Marilee Goheen has been equally active. In addition to her work as a health care administrator, counselor, certified pranic healer and pranic healing teacher, Marilee has taught college-level entrepreneurial skills and worked as a business consultant. She has also managed her own businesses for the past twenty years and is the founder of Global Harmony Health Corp .

With her husband Duncan , Marilee co-created the Earth and Spirit Gatherings and the popular Spirit Awakens relaxation CD. She feels privileged, she says, to have learned a variety of healing modalities from indigenous peoples around the world. While continuing the volunteer work she has done with a variety of organizations for many decades, Marilee assists her husband, Duncan with Sonic Pranic Healing webinars, teleclasses, workshops, and retreats.

Of all the projects the Goheens have undertaken over the years, no single initiative has been more unique, powerful, and potentially helpful to large numbers of people with seemingly intractable health issues than Sonic Pranic Healing . The technique of harmonic overtone singing has been practiced in various forms by indigenous peoples in many parts of the world for centuries, but Doctor Duncan knew nothing of this ancient legacy until several years after that fateful day, some 25 years ago, when he suddenly found himself doing it.

The year was 1981, and the place was a natural hot springs in the Kootenay region of Canada's most mountainous province, British Columbia . Doctor Duncan was on a solitary spiritual retreat at the time. An accomplished singer who was giving up to 50 solo performances a year by age 10, he was experimenting with a variety of meditative chants when he suddenly heard his voice do something unusual. "That's special", he recalls thinking, and without really knowing why, he set about exploring possibilities further.

Over the weeks, months, and years that followed, Duncan Goheen perfected his own individual style of sonic toning. His primary interest in it at first was spiritual, and he began using the resonant scaling notes as a kind of mantra for meditation. It was not until some time later, half a world away from where he had discovered it, that he would become aware of its powerful potential for healing.

Through his work in the Philippines , as he came into close contact with a number of indigenous healers, he felt privileged to get to know many of them quite well. Only then, he says, for the first time, as he worked alongside these mysterious, highly skilled individuals, did he begin to get a deeper insight into Christ's healing work.

It was during this richly rewarding chapter of his life that Duncan Goheen made the acquaintance of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the modern-day founder of "Pranic Healing" . Choa is widely known for his outstanding work with mental illnesses, as well as with physical ailments such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and breathing disorders. Drawn to Pranic Healing initially by reports of the Grandmaster's stunning successes working with schizophrenics, the Goheens were so impressed that they decided to bring the venerable method to Canada , where, together with Master Nona Castro, they helped to establish it as a well known and well respected energy healing treatment across the country.

Their relationship with Master Choa Kok Sui proved to be auspicious in more than one way. In 1989, during their first meeting, Master Choa asked Doctor Duncan exactly what he did that was effective in healing. "I told him I was there to learn from him," he recalls, but "he wouldn't let me off the hook. Eventually I reluctantly agreed - in front of a room of people waiting for Pranic Treatment - to do some higher sonic overtoning. After a few minutes, when I had finished, Choa turned to a large Philippino sitting next to him and asked him what had happened. As it turned out, this man, (the late) Master Mung Mike, was one of the planet's most gifted clairvoyants, and could see not only human auras but also subtle energy centers in detail. He replied to Master Choa that the energy centers in every person throughout the room had become balanced and energized as a result of the sound ".

A man at the back of the room who had checked himself into the Manila Hospital Emergency room that very morning for a severe emphysema attack walked to the front of the room crying. As Doctor Duncan remembers the incident, "the sound had opened his lungs, he told us. He was able to breathe normally again, and we were able to watch his skin turn from gray to pink in a matter of minutes. Grand Master Choa advised me to return home and record my harmonic overtoning and make it available to everyone for treatment." For Duncan Goheen it was an extraordinary, life-altering moment. "Suffice it to say," he reflects, "that the circumstances were mystical."

A further evolution occurred some years later, as Doctor Duncan began to incorporate the intention of the elegant pranic healing methods into Sonic-Healing treatments for specific needs - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As it happened, he did not record the overtone singing for quite a few years after the encounter with the Grand Master. " One reason," he notes, "was that I found my best time of day to make these sounds was between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning!. Recording studios were not enthusiastic about opening in the middle of the night, given that several months of daily recording were required for all the programs I had in mind.

Finally I set up a recording studio in my home with a specially constructed eight foot parabolic sonic reflector and did the recording on my own." As a result, these programs are now available for downloading by anyone with an internet connection. And a full range of services has been implemented to support their use.

"Healing," as poet W. H. Auden once observed, "is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature." Duncan and Marilee Goheen couldn't agree more. Sonic-Healing is their uniquely powerful way of wooing the nature in you.

The Goheens live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia, Canada, where they enjoy downhill and cross country skiing, hiking, camping, writing, cooking, golf, get-togethers with family, friends, and outings - both harmonious and otherwise - with their intrepid, exuberant, high speed, occasionally noisy, and always loveable dog, Tika .