Q. When is the best time to use the Sonic Pranic Healing Programs?

When you are resting, sleeping, soaking in a salt bath, meditating, praying, contemplating, experiencing nature and relaxing. Outdoors is also ideal.

Listening times that are not quite as ideal but also beneficial are when you are walking quietly, running, reading, doing light exercise, light housework, art work, creative projects or quiet activities.

You benefit most by relaxing. Dosing off soundly or sporadically is encouraged. You continue to receive benefit within your many levels and often find yourself refreshed by the deep rest the Sonic-Healing programs provide.

Always remember to give yourself permission to rest, doze, sleep, nod off, slumber, fade in and out or nap while listening.

Sleep and relaxation enable minimal resistance to sonic-healing treatments.

Q. I currently am very ill, I rest and sleep a lot. Would your Sonic Pranic Healing be beneficial for me?

Yes, it is ideal if you put tracks 3 and 4 in a loop if you wish to play them continuously on your phone, tablet or computer.  You will benefit by relaxing, dosing off soundly or sporadically. You continue to receive benefit on many levels and often find yourself refreshed by the deep rest that Sonic Pranic Healing provides.

Many sonic-healing treatment users listen to their programs [skipping over instructions once they have learned them] non stop for several hours during the day and several hours or the entire night. Head phones are ideal to not disturb others sleep. The programs are benficial to all humans, plants, fish and animals that hear them.

Q.Is it okay for other people around me to listen to [overhear] my Sonic Pranic Healing program as I am listening?

Yes, providing they are not operating equipment. Sonic-Healing can help balance your friends and family as well. Even if they do not have your health challenges, it will be beneficial for them. It can help if you explain what you are doing. Many people however prefer privacy for their sessions. If space does not permit privacy you can wear headphones and ask to not be disturbed.

Q.What happens if I fall asleep while listening to the Sonic Pranic Healing program?

Great, you will get a much needed rest and will receive excellent benefits.

Q.What happens if I become restless and/or irritable when I am listening to the program?

This may occur at the beginning, although there are many people who never experience this. Discomfort can be created when there is a considerable spread between the vibration or frequency of your current condition and a healthy vibration. The Sonic-Healing program is helping to bring your system back to normal, to the vibration of good health. Some people experience discomfort initially and others don’t. It’s a very individual matter. If you experience discomfort use the program for a few minutes and then turn it off. Next time use it a little longer and so on. Eventually, as your vibration becomes healthier the experience will become more and more pleasant.

If you are stressed, interrupted by others, uncomfortable, too tired or not relaxed enough, don’t force it. Come back to the your session later, when conditions are better.

If you are fighting sleep, allow yourself to fall asleep while listening. Obviously you need sleep, give yourself permission to rest.

Q.Can I listen to my Sonic Pranic Healing program while driving or operating equipment?

No, The Sonic-Healing program allows your cognitive brain and your intuitive brain to switch places as the conductor of the orchestra [director of your physical, mental and emotional bodies.] When your intuitive brain is orchestrating your physical, mental and emotional bodies you may not be able to respond as quickly at the controls as needed.

Q.Can I listen to it as a passenger?

No, not if the operator can hear it.

Q.Can I use any type of salt for energy disposal?

Yes, any. Be sure to change the salt water daily. When changing if there is any un dissolved salt remaining in the bottom of the container leave it in, just exchange and freshen the water.

Q.Can I work on the computer and listen to my Sonic Pranic Healing Care programs?

You can try. It is not the recommended way to listen, perhaps it could be effective. You could experiment when doing work that requires creativity, spontaneity or deep thinking; would not recommend with action or entertainment.

Q.Can I have a salt bath while listening to my Sonic Pranic Healing programs?

Yes. Use one cup of epsom salt or any salt in the bath water. Rinse with fresh water before toweling.