“Good Health” Means Perfect Harmony – On Four Legs as on Two!

The revitalizing benefits of Sonic Pranic HealingTM programs extend well beyond the needs of human beings.Throughout the entire biosphere, at every level, nature is vibratory, and the myriad frequencies of sentient life everywhere interact. From the chirps of birds to the barks of dogs to the echoing sonar pings of bats and dolphins, sound and hearing are fundamental throughout the animal kingdom – and as in man, so in his best friends: “illness” is dissonance, while spiritually-invoked harmonic overtones heal.

Animals don’t need to be convinced. It’s a well-known truth among zoologists and veterinarians that certain sounds have powers to soothe the savage beast. Large dairy farms commonly rely on easy-listening radio to boost milk production. Loud rock music, on the other hand, can wreak havoc in an aviary, as birds turn quickly to neurotic behaviour, pecking compulsively at feathers or flapping around wildly in their cage.

Sonic-Healing resonates deeply, touching something vital and ancient in an animal’s instinctual core. In the absence of a questioning ego, a living being is naturally open to harmonious vibrations, and though they may not “understand,” in the ways we humans think we do, in the fullness of their feelings, they know.

Recent studies have revealed, for example, “that a cat’s purr may be able to heal bone fractures, increase bone density and control pain. ”Measured at frequencies that fit precisely into the optimum range of vibrations that have been demonstrated to promote bone growth, these characteristically feline sounds “will also help to heal fractures, mend torn muscles and ligaments, reduce swelling, and relieve pain.” This might explain, the research suggests, “why cats will purr even when traumatized or severely injured and when giving birth.”

(**cite Fauna Communications results**)

Acoustic research by humans is unlikely to produce a superior purr. But fifteen years of concentrated experience with Sonic-Healing programs have demonstrated repeatedly that Doctor Duncan’s harmonic overtones can be every bit as effective in healing animals – including cats – as they have proven to be with human beings.

Dogs, cats, birds, horses and other animal companions are plain and simply the best friends of humankind. Their unconditional acceptance and love have long been a source of enormous comfort to people of all ages and cultures. The comfort of our closest friends is in turn a great key to our own well being. When a pet has been diagnosed with a critical illness there often seems to be nowhere to turn. In the good vibrations of Sonic-Healing Programs for Pets, however, there is help for our beloved friends.

Sonic Pranic Healing offers a noninvasive, easy to implement program to restore optimum health and harmony for your animal companion. Animals, happily, do not impose judgments, doubts, or skeptical thoughts and opinions. This unquestioning openness allows the Sonic-Healing vibrations to work in the purest of ways. Suffering pets can rest in their beds and experience deep cellular healing while feeling soothed and calmed. They may even sleep during treatment. Sonic-Healing is beneficial either way.

There are a number of specially created programs. Elderly pets can benefit from our Immune System Strengthening program. The Kidney Regeneration program is especially good for older pets diagnosed with kidney failure. Sonic-Healing can provide help for dysplasia and cancers, as well. And if you’re in a stressful situation, perhaps preparing for a move, Stress and Anxiety treatment is the perfect antidote for your pet as well as yourself. You may actually find the treatment more beneficial if you experience it together.

Sonic-Healing works in conjunction with any medications your veterinarian might prescribe. You may find, with time, that there is a lessening or elimination of the side effects of many medications. Our testimonials will help you see the results others have shared.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at info@globalhealthfiy.com