Music Therapy: A Wide Range of Healing Experiences. Case by Case

The universe, solar system, and the earth itself are inextricably linked in a seamless web of vibrating energy. Becoming aware of our own energy centers on every level is of great importance for personal health and well-being, as well as for harmonious relations with all beings and with the earth.

There is a steadily growing fund of scientific evidence that every bone, tissue, and acupuncture meridian in the body has its own unique resonant frequency , a distinctive musical “note.” Vibrating together, although they are beyond the range of normal human hearing, these powerful rhythmic tones produce a composite sound analogous to that of a symphony orchestra. If a single note is out of tune, it affects the entire performance.

In the thirty years since it was first introduced by Doctor Duncan, Sonic-HealingTM has been repeatedly found to be effective in both early detection and treatment of all forms of disharmony. As they resonate gently and evenly throughout the subtle energy fields of body and mind alike, the vibrating scales of harmonic overtones help to arrest any predispositions to illness and realign any dissonant patterns that impede optimum health.

For many who experience Sonic-Healing , these resonant tones are physically palpable as they loosen energy blockages, open constricted channels, and entrain themselves with the natural frequencies of this organ or that cell. The resulting effect, as many have described it, is calming.relaxing.comforting.”
“When the sounds of the treatments end”, as Sonic-Healing participant, Joni Prittie, describes it, “there is a time of one’s body and being remaining in a bit of a state of suspended quiet vibration. This is the time ” she says, “when one is really opened up to closing the session with healing wishes.”

Participants in Sonic-Healing Programs and Services report a wide range of healing experiences, some of them similar and others unique to specific individuals. Here, together with the conditions that led to their involvement in the programs, are a few of their comments:


“I felt the dirty energy being jiggled out of my body.”
M.S., Winnipeg , Manitoba

“I felt my sinuses drain and clean very quickly.”
C.M., Salmon Arm, B.C.

Breast Cancer:

“The sounds pulsate through my breast area. Some sounds open the crown chakra, other sounds open other energy centres. I am feeling very well and healthy.”
S.E., Vernon , B.C.

“A feeling of cleansing of the pathway to my core. Much movement and cleansing in my breast.”
G.H., Victoria , B.C.


“I have been getting a full night’s sleep for the first time in 6 years.”
S.T., Victoria , B.C.

Migraine :

“After 20 minutes my headache was gone!!”

J.B., Toronto , Ontario

Irregular Heart Beat:

(After 20 minutes) “My heart beat is completely regular.”

M.N., Calgary , Alberta


(After 20 minutes:) “My stress level has dropped from a 10 out of 10 to 4 out of 10.”
J.M., Kamloops , B.C.


“I am now able to breathe much easier and my breath is much stronger.”
S.M., Edmonton , Alberta


“I have a deep sense of peace, calm and well being. I really enjoy the sound and look forward to [listening to] it.”
K.D., Spokane , Washington

Chronic Fatigue:

“I have much more energy and am feeling better and better.”
C.L., Victoria , B.C.

Liver Cancer:

“Buddy is a cat. He was diagnosed with incurable liver cancer after a collapse and massive operation three and a half years ago. He was given three months to live …”We started using the Sound Treatment program for liver cancer. I cannot say exactly what is happening inside his body but I can say that he is happy and feels well. We have been given the gift of healthy, happy years (over 3 years) of companionship. What greater blessing can there be?”
J.P., Eugene , Oregon

Personal Growth:

“Listening to Duncan Goheen’s Sound Programs has become an Adventure in Paradise . The kaleidoscope of color that unfolds in a never ending realm of excellence from the tones that he voices is the most luscious experience that has ever been extended to me. A radiant future follows when I give myself to these sounds.”
R.R., Victoria , B.C.

Back Pain:

“My X Rays showed deteriorated vertebrae requiring fusion. While bedridden before having the operation I used the Sonic Sound Treatment Program for my condition. After several months of using the program, X Rays show all vertebrae regenerated. I have been able to resume my normal, active career and physical activity including my young children, gardening and mogul skiing.”

J.L., Courtenay, B.C.


“I had been told that my condition would continue to deteriorate with no hope for improvement. I can’t believe what has happened. Before treatment my movement was very restricted and extremely painful. I could not tie my own shoes. With treatment I am now able to move freely without pain . I can’t believe it!”
R.S., Victoria , B.C.

Spinal Injury:

“I have been using the sonic healing programs regularly over the past year for a life long genetic abnormality in my upper spine that was exacerbated by an impact injury and aging bone tissue. It may sound strange but I feel I have become emotionally connected with my Sonic Healing programs, it is as if my body/mind will intuit that it is time to listen to one of my Sonic Healing programs, as I listen relaxation and flexibility is restored relieving tension and pain. I get the same results when I sleep through all or part of the sonic program, my health is improved and I am able to function more fully in my life now. The medical community said there could be no improvement and I would continue to get worse, thank you for these miraculous Sonic treatment programs I love them.”
S. A,, Vernon , BC